Malta News Portal

About Us

We're a local Maltese IT company and this site is a personal project of one employee who spends too much time reading the news

The site originally came to be from our research into the use of machine learning to classify similar articles together. You can see some remnants of this research in the "keywords" and "summary" functionality of the site, which both use machine learning to generate these automatically. Then we realised it's actually quite a useful site and so we're offering it to the public. All content is owned by the respective newspapers and we link to all the original articles (hopefully that drives more traffic to the well-deserving online newspapers!)

We currently aggregate news from the following local papers:

Our features

In a nutshell, we aggregate news headlines from local newspapers and put them in one place, in an easy to use site. A couple of useful extra features are:

  • Automatic Summary.
    Every article is summarized to about 10% it's original length to give you a quick overview of what it's about
  • Comprehensive Search.
    The search bar at the top of the app allows you to search across all the aggregated newspapers, allowing you to do more effective and quick searches!
  • Mobile App.
    You can install this site directly on your phone by adding it to your smartphone home screen

If you have any questions or comments please do let us know!